Joanna Nicole Photography | About

My first camera was a little yellow box with a small square of plastic that popped up to form a view-finder. Basic is an understatement, but man I loved that thing. Thankfully, I’ve moved onto slightly more advanced equipment now, but my love for photography remains the same. It’s an unconditional love, and one that I nurtured during my Fine Art degree, which forms the basis for the way I shoot now. I swoon for candids and I don’t think anything beats the feeling of immortalising a beautifully genuine moment of happiness. My style is relaxed with a creative twist; I want to capture your day as it happens but tie the story together with a lovely artistic bow.

I am a Surrey girl born and bred, but now live in London (I think we can just about count zone 4?) with my partner Tom, of I am a music lover, a cheese lover, and a Harry Potter lover. The day I go to Harry Potter world, a live gig and eat cheese for dinner is the day I know I've really lived.